PEPE Coin Puts Up Strong Competition Against DOGE And SHIB

PEPE Coin Puts Up Strong Competition Against DOGE And SHIB

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PEPE Coin has become the top meme cryptocurrency of 2023. It was introduced just a few weeks ago, and now it has risen to become one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization. The coin’s surge in value has taken industry analysts by surprise, but PEPE coin prediction remains tough as the project seems to lack fundamentals and its price action is mainly driven by social media hype. 

Is it safe to buy PEPE coins? 

Currently, PEPE Coin ranks as the third-largest meme coin by market cap. reported that its market cap has soared to approximately $1.5 billion, far from the Shiba Inu coin’s market cap. Following an exponential run for several days, the PEPE meme coin might again experience a 56% surge. It is highly likely that the PEPE coin will, however, experience a pullback once it hits a market cap of over $2 billion, therefore watch curiously before investing.

PEPE Coin Shrugs Off Bitcoin Price Action 

The surge in meme coins is noticeable, especially as prices of BTC and ETH have remained stagnant. And as a result, “Degens” are now flocking to coins like PEPE and TruthGPT among others. As of this of time writing, PEPE has hit a new all-time and according to a simple Fibonacci level analysis, there’s a potential price of 0.000003016 for PEPE, representing a 50% increase from the current level. Nonetheless, this forecast should be taken with caution as the coin’s market capitalization is almost hitting $2 billion.

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