The Best And Worst Moments Of WWE Backlash 2023

The Best And Worst Moments Of WWE Backlash 2023

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WWE Backlash 2023 featured Bad Bunny’s impressive display, flaws in The Bloodline, and Cody Rhodes defeating Brock Lesnar. The event had an enthusiastic crowd in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and showcased the best performances of Bad Bunny, Omos, and Io Sky’s WWE careers. However, there were odd creative choices and unsatisfactory plot points. Let’s examine the best and worst moments of WWE Backlash 2023.

Best No. 1: Bad Bunny Stole The Show At WWE Backlash 2023 

Bad Bunny, the world’s top-streamed artist, displayed his WWE skills alongside Damian Priest, executing breathtaking moves like high-flying stunts, weapons, and interference from Rey Mysterio, Savio Vega, and Carlito. The San Juan crowd responded with enthusiasm to this delightful match. 

Bad Bunny proved once again that he is an exceptional celebrity performer and an asset to the WWE. Although he won against Priest in an impressive match, he is expected to appear infrequently in the future. This decision seems reasonable since Bad Bunny’s involvement is a plus for WWE. If he continues to deliver performances like this, he should stay with the company long-term.

Worst No. I: The Anti-Climatic Bloodline Match

The Bloodline vs Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, and Matt Riddle had decent in-ring action but lacked impact. Bryan Alvarez from Wrestling Observer noted that the match ended the feud between The Bloodline and Zayn/Owens. However, the focus was on the tension within The Bloodline, specifically between Jey Uso and Solo Sikoa, and Riddle was pinned. Compared to the WrestleMania 39 buildup, it was underwhelming.

Best No. 2: Io Sky Shines Against Bianca Belair

Io Sky impressed in her match against Bianca Belair, receiving a lot of support from the crowd in San Juan. Despite Belair’s status as the top babyface, the fans were fully behind Sky, who demonstrated her potential in the ring. Though she ultimately lost due to interference, her showing has set her on the path to singles stardom and may lead to a split from Damage CTRL.

Worst No. 2: Cody Rhodes Beats Brock Lesnar in Fluke Fashion

Cody Rhodes won over Brock Lesnar using the Kimura Lock, but the victory was lackluster. WWE aimed to preserve Lesnar’s dominance, possibly for a future rematch, and didn’t give Rhodes a clean win that could have offset his loss to Roman Reigns. The decision calls into question Rhodes’ position as a top wrestler since he didn’t defeat his two most significant opponents convincingly.

Best No. 3: Seth Rollins Carries Omos To A Great Match

Seth Rollins defeated Omos as anticipated at WWE Backlash 2023, but the match was surprisingly fantastic and marked Omos’ best performance to date. Though Omos has limited mobility, he showed improvement, and it’s tricky for WWE to book him without losing his appeal. Nonetheless, this match put him over Rollins while keeping him protected, with Rollins needing three stomps to win.

Worst No. 3: Austin Theory Wins A Short WWE US Title Match

The US Championship triple threat match was thrilling but seemed short-lived, as Austin Theory won by pinning Bronson Reed after Bobby Lashley’s spear, which was the most predictable outcome. However, it was necessary for Theory to keep the title for his move to SmackDown after the draft. Unfortunately, the match didn’t give enough time for Lashley and Reed, who are two of WWE’s best heels, to display their skills. It felt like the match ended abruptly, and there could have been more action if given another 8–10 minutes.

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