Bethenny Frankel Slams Kim Zolciak-Biermann & Estranged Husband Kroy Over Their Finances Amid Divorce

Bethenny Frankel Slams Kim Zolciak-Biermann & Estranged Husband Kroy Over Their Finances Amid Divorce

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The RHONY alum, Bethenny Frankel, didn’t mince words in a TikTok video where she addressed Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Kroy Biermann’s divorce news and alleged finance issues. The Real Housewives of Atlanta Kim filed for divorce from the former NFL star, listing April 30 as the date of their separation. Notably, the news of the spit surfaced just after it was alleged the couple owe the IRS more than $1million, as per TMZ.

Frankel was pissed over the couple’s financial issues and divorce, saying they have “always been people who seem like they’re spending more than they have.” 

She added, “He’s on a football salary, she’s on a Housewives salary, and they’re spending like the f**king plane is going down.” 

The Skinny Girl Mogul feels as though Kim got caught up in being a Housewife and tried to look like she had more than she did. “It’s the old Housewives model to get on the show, make no money; spend, spend, logo, logo, car, car, house, house, bankruptcy, foreclosure – because you can’t f**king keep up your writing checks you can’t cash and it’s gross. “It’s like, what’s wrong with America?”

‘When the whole real estate bubble crashed, that was because people were just financing their houses and the whole thing imploded.” The 52-Year-Old continued in her video, “And I heard Kim and Kroy owe a million dollars each, and it’s like, ‘Good, pay the IRS!’ You gotta f**king pay. You wanna play, you gotta f**king pay.” Frankel pointed out that the couple was always posting about their life and oversharing on social media. 

“These couples that bring everybody into every single detail like they’re perfect. Everyone gets humbled real quick. So, these two [were like] ‘We’re so perfect and we’re so in love, and we have all this money and we’re spending,’ and the diamonds and this and the filters and the kids and everything.” The beauty also feels that because the couple let fans into their lives so much, they can’t ask for privacy now that things are bad.

Frankel concluded, “You invited us in when it was going good and it looked like a fairy tale — or made us believe it was, well, guess what? We’re coming out with you, too. So, no one’s gonna f**king respect your privacy at this time, because there is no privacy at this time.” F**king hate all shows and no-go. I hate fronting and stunting. Pay your f**king bills, that’s all I have to say, pay your f**king bills.”

Kroy and Kim met in 2010 at a charity event while he was playing for the Atlanta Falcons. Their relationship was shown on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Don’t Be Tardy, culminating in their lavish wedding. Their Alpharetta house was almost foreclosed, but the auction was canceled. However, the Reality TV star Frankel captioned her video, ‘Pay your bills. Don’t front and stunt. All show and no go #payyourbills.’

@bethennyfrankel Pay your bills. Don’t front & stunt. All show & no go. @BravoWWHL #payyourbills ♬ original sound – Bethenny Frankel

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