American Idol Down To Top 3 With Just One Week Left Before Finale

American Idol Down To Top 3 With Just One Week Left Before Finale

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Season 21 of American Idol is now in its final with three contestants after a semi-final round filled with Disney hits. Going through the finale is Iam Tong, Colin Stough, and Megan Danielle. The Hawaii high-schooler Tongs impressed with his sweet and terrific performances of Lava, from the Pixar short, followed up with a heartfelt version of Father and Son by Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam. 

Danielle, 21, made her mark with the rendition ‘You Can’t Stop The Girl and injected a touch of country into the number from Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. For her second, she performed ‘Carried Me With You’ from Onward. The country boy Colin hit a rockin’ version of ‘Real Gone’ from Cars and a ‘Nobody Knows’ from Pete’s Dragon. According to Judge Lionel Richie, Tong, Colin, and Danielle are all number one. 

Judge Richie added, ‘Each one of them has their own lane. So, it just depends on what lane wins.” 

American Idol Down To Top 3 With Just One Week Left Before Finale

The show said its goodbye to We’ Ani of New York and Zachariah Smith of Mississippi. “I’m so proud of the place that I’ve gotten, not just for me but for my family and for people who look up to me. I don’t feel like this is a loss in any way, shape or form,” said We’ Ani. “This is the new chapter to my new life. I feel like I was born to be on stage,” said Smith.

Of the final battle, Stough reportedly claimed, ‘If I did become the next American idol, we’ll have a bomb-a** album and it’ll be great! I can tell you that.”

Megan Danielle says her strategy is to keep being true to herself, adding “Keep thanking God every week and just keep leaning on him and believing in myself.”

Tongi is also positive and had worn his parents close to his heart in a special necklace, reportedly saying, “someone gave this to me in the crowd and I appreciate it and I never got to met whoever gave me this but thank you for giving me this.” However, the finale airs Sunday, May 21 live from Hollywood. Keith Urban will the guest mentor.