TikTok Explained: How To Win All Matches Against Skoova Steve Holotactics

TikTok Explained: How To Win All Matches Against Skoova Steve Holotactics

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Once you’ve unlocked Holotactics in Jedi Survivor, a new challenge awaits: facing Skoova as one of your opponents in the side game. Unlike the usual three-wave battles, this encounter spans four distinct waves, testing your skills and survival abilities. To emerge triumphant, you’ll need to devise a strategy to outmaneuver Skoova’s array of units. If you find yourself in need of assistance to conquer Skoova within the realm of Holotactics, there are TikTok videos on how to win all matches against Skoova Steve Holotactics. Have a look! 

Wave 1

  • x4 Rawka units (5 BP)
  • x1 Raider Grunt (3 BP)
    • Total Battle points used: 8
    • Total Battle Points saved: 5

For the first Holotactics wave, it’s advised to place the four Rawka units opposite one another. Next, place a single Raider Grunt in the middle of your team setup. Until the Rawkas overthrow Skoova’s units, the Raider Grunt will take care of other units of Skoova’s army.

Wave 2

  • x7 B1 Droids – Melee (1 BP)
  • x1 Droideka (12 BP)
    • Total BP used: 19
    • Total BP saved: 8

For the 2nd wave, your placed B1 droids in the front will distract your opponent’s units. And while Skoova’s opponents engage with those droids, the Droideka unit can use ranged attacks against them.

As you confront Skoova in the Holotactics game, it becomes clear that the vendor places great emphasis on employing ranged units. These units are adept at long-range attacks and are often shielded, posing a significant threat to your forces. To overcome this challenge, carefully deploy your units, taking into account the imminent waves, and allocate your battle points to ensure you have enough resources for future encounters. By adopting a resourceful gameplay style, you can increase your chances of defeating Skoova and emerging victorious in the Holotactics battle.

Wave 3

  • x2 Droideka (12 BP)
  • x5 B1 Droids (3 BP)
    • Total BP used: 29
    • Total BP saved: 3

For this wave, place both of your Droideka units at both ends of your team setup. As this wave will pit you against a huge creature, more B1 droids are said can be a distraction. On the other hand, the two Droideka units will deal the most damage to your enemy’s units.

Wave 4

  • x2 Droideka (12 BP)
  • x1 B1 Droid
    • Total BP used: 25

Finally, it’s recommended you go full-tank power with your two Droideka units. Place your Droideka units in the back at both ends of your team setup. While the B1 droid will be the first unit to be taken out, your remaining units can lead you to victory. Once you have defeated Skoova, you will officially unlock the Mustache Cosmetic as a reward. You also can get the Gambler Trophy after beating all the Holo tactics opponents in Jedi Survivor.