The Jerry Springer Show's Most Outrageous TV Moments

The Jerry Springer Show’s Most Outrageous TV Moments

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Jerry Springer’s stint as a TV host for 27 years was defined by certain elements that became closely associated with his program: the editing of profanity, the deployment of security personnel to quell altercations, and the conduct of paternity tests. While almost all of the show’s nearly 4,000 episodes were fraught with tension, some instances transcended the most outrageous benchmarks of sensational TV. With his passing at 79 years old on Thursday, there is no better time to look back on the craziest Jerry Springer moments ever aired.

‘I Slept With 251 Men in 10 Hours!’

In 1995, Springer interviewed Annabel Chong, a 22-year-old adult film star who participated in the “world’s largest gangbang.” Despite the expected disparaging comments aimed at her (“Will you ever be able to love a man?” Springer asked), Chong regarded the experience as a means of defying conventional gender norms. “Why not?” she replied when questioned about her decision. After spending a few years in the industry, Chong switched to software development and left her previous records behind. Jasmin St. Clair eventually broke Chong’s record and also spoke about her achievement on Jerry Springer’s show.

‘Married to Your Dad But Want You Back’

The love story between a woman from Montana and a man from California was like something out of a Shakespearean play. The man supposedly walked 1,200 miles to be with her since he had no vehicle. After they broke up, she got together with his father and had a child with him – who happened to be her ex-husband’s younger sister. However, the woman was tormented by remorse and tried to reconcile with her former partner’s son on the Jerry Springer show. Sadly, he turned down her offer.

You Slept With My Stripper Sister!

In 2011, a gripping clip unfolded with a series of dramatic events. A family member divulges a “secret” to another, a cheating boyfriend, and a sister who works as a stripper. The unsuspecting woman is apprehensive about what her sister is going to reveal, as she is familiar with the typical outcomes of such situations. However, the sister has a history of sleeping with the woman’s ex-partners. During her performance, the sister admits to having slept with her sibling’s boyfriend after a night out and offers an apology, which results in the anticipated physical altercation of slapping and hair-pulling. The situation intensifies when the boyfriend tries to apologize but also receives a slap.

“Zack … the 70lb Baby”

In 1996, the media was captivated by baby Zack Strenkert, who garnered attention for his size and weight, ultimately linked to Simpson Golabi Behmel Syndrome, a disorder that leads to overgrowth. Despite the unusual parenting choice of placing him in adult diapers, Strenkert’s parents remained proud and expressed that they wouldn’t exchange him for anything in the world, as his father emphasized during their first appearance on the show. Interestingly, Strenkert made a return to the show as an adult, joyfully sharing that he was now a competitive gamer, which served as a rare, happy ending for a Springer guest.

Confronting a Racist Family

Springer frequently featured racists and members of the Ku Klux Klan on his show, which held a personal significance for him as the son of Jewish-German refugees who had fled Nazi persecution. In 1995, he had a tense encounter with an antisemitic priest, during which he conveyed that he didn’t harbor any hatred towards him, only pity. However, when the priest launched into a denial of the Holocaust, Springer abruptly told him to “shut your face,” nearly sparking a physical altercation.

‘I Married A Horse’

During an episode in 2004, Mark, a farmer from Missouri and zoophile, appeared on Springer’s show and left the audience astounded by his relationship with his horse, Pixel. Mark disclosed in a voiceover that he had to earn Pixel’s love and respect and even shared photos of Pixel wearing women’s underwear with a hole cut out for her tail. He also claimed that they made love and were faithful to each other. Springer later revealed to Meredith Viera that he had no prior knowledge of what Mark would reveal on the show, which explained his visible discomfort during the episode.

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