Elon Musk Issued Subpoena In JPMorgan Lawsuit Linked To Epstein

Elon Musk Issued Subpoena In JPMorgan Lawsuit Linked To Epstein

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In the ongoing legal battle between the US Virgin Islands (USVI) and JPMorgan Chase & Co., Elon Musk has been served with a subpoena. The lawsuit alleges JPMorgan knowingly profited from Jeffrey Epstein’s s*x-trafficking activities. And as per court documents, the US territory has valid reasons to believe Epstein might have referred or attempted to refer Musk to JPMorgan as a potential client. 

Musk’s attorney, Alex Spiro, is yet to respond to the subpoena, but the Tesla Inc. chief executive officer himself has addressed the issue on Twitter, calling it “idiotic.”

Late Monday, the US Virgin Islands (USVI) filed a request seeking authorization for alternative methods to serve the April 28 subpoena to Musk. The USVI explained that despite its exhaustive efforts, including hiring private investigators, they were unable to locate a valid address for Musk. Accordingly, their attempts to serve Musk at Tesla’s offices proved unsuccessful. 

The USVI eventually asked for permission to directly serve the subpoena on Tesla itself.

Elon Musk Issued Subpoena In JPMorgan Lawsuit Linked To Epstein

The legal case is titled, ‘Government of the United States Virgin Islands v. JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A,’ with case number 22-cv-10904. It’s filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York and specifically, the Subpoena seeks documents related to the communications or meetings between Elon Musk, JPMorgan, and Jeffrey Epstein concerning their respective bank accounts. 

In addition, the USVI is requesting any records associated with Epstein’s involvement in human trafficking and any information regarding fees paid by Musk to Epstein or JPMorgan. However, other billionaires, including Larry Page and Sergey Brin, co-founders of Google, have also been issued subpoenas from the USVI in connection to the case, currently held in the Southern District of New York (Manhattan).